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Poodle Origin

Poodle Origin – The Talented Poodle

Poodles originate from Western Europe and have curly or corded coats, long muzzles, and soft flat floppy ears. There are many types of poodles ranging from the tall standard poodle, the medium size French poodle, the smaller toy poodle and the miniature tea cup poodle,

These dogs can be easily identified by their sheep like woolly coats and their very appealing oval shaped  intelligent eyes which are black or brown in colour. Standard poodles are well-built and look extremely elegant when properly cut and groomed.

Poodles are extremely popular dogs because their dense curly wool does not shed much, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. If you have never stroked a poodle before and are use to smooth haired dogs, then at first it does feel a little strange and it takes a while to get use to.


Poodles are very popular breeds because they are such loving and highly intelligent good natured dogs. They make fabulous family pets, love training, playing games and aregenerally of a very happy temperament.

Standard poodles is generally a calm dog. Their smaller counter part can be somewhat boisterous as well as a little more nervy which does mean they bark more. However with good dog training and you its owner being the 100% pack leader, this is not really an issue.

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Height and Weight

The standard poodle will grow to around 22-27 inches in height, and will weigh approximately 45-70 pounds.

Toy poodles grow to around 10-14 inches  and will weigh about 6-10 pounds.

Health Problems

Some standard poodles are known to suffer from hip dysplasia, which can cause severe mobility problems and arthritis as the dog grows older. Another common problem with poodles is that quite a few of them tend to get eye problems.

Always give your poodle a thorough check over when grooming it paying particular attention to its eyes and ears for infections and its skin for signs of allergies.

Living Conditions

Like most dogs poodles are active and energetic animals and although theylive and can be paper trained quite comfortably in apartment’s etc. they do need regular exercise to keep them healthy.

Exercise Requirements

All young poodles have tons of energy and are very active dogs therefore regular exercise with their owners keeps them fit and healthy and must be actively pursued. I have read that toy and miniature poodles are less active than standard poodles but from my experience the saying “dynamite comes in small packages” definitely applies to these little dogs.

Taking them for their daily walk is a must. Lack of exercise leads to boredom and the dog then starts to display bad behaviour problems

Diet and Nutrition

The diet of poodles should be carefully monitored. This is a lively and energetic breed and does need a balanced nutritious diet. A grown poodle should be fed twice daily and have available fresh water at all times. Try not to let your dog have access to food 24/7 because it may then gain weight because it is eating out of boredom.

Poodle Origin - Toy PoodleLife Expectancy

Poodles usually live for 12-15 years. Lots of exercise, a good balanced diet and a cosy place to sleep will ensure your poodle lives to a ripe old age.

Grooming Your Poodle

Grooming a poodle can be an art. The poodles’ thick curly coat grows fast and needs to be clipped and groomed every couple of months or it can get matted and smelly. Regular bathing, brushing and styling by the owner or a professional groomer to keep it nice and healthy, is very important. This is a good time to check the ears for wax build- up and mites, the skin for allergies and giving the poodles a nail a trim.

Popular types of poodle clips where the hair is cut short all over is the simple ‘pet clip’, ‘puppy clip’ or ‘lamb clip’.

Show clips include the English saddle and the Continental clip where the rear half of the dogs’ body is shaved, pom-poms are left on the tail and hips and bracelets are left around the ankles. There are many variations of these clip styles.

Poodle Ancestry

Although France seems to be the country of origin there are some countries that disagree and claim the poodle to be one of theirs. Germany gets the official thumbs up from the AKC. The Germans claim it was developed and bred by them for the retrieval of water fowl and that may be the reason why poodles love playing in the water.

It has been agreed by the experts that the “Pudel” is a descendant of the Hungarian Water Hound and the extinct French Water Dog, the Barbet.

The poodle is the Frenchs’ national dog and enjoys life as family pets, loving companions

The Toy and Miniature poodles are bred down varieties from the larger Standard poodles.

Poodles are can be seen in paintings that are over 400 years old and also in bas-reliefs from the first century.

The Poodle is the French national dog and enjoys life as family pets, loving companions and show dogs all over the world. Their high level of intelligence has made them one of the most easy to train breeds.

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